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What is AEIM?

The Spanish Timber Importers´ Association (AEIM) is a private organization which gathers timber importers in Spain. Also timber agents and shipping agents belong to the Association as attached members.

AEIM also is member of the main international organizations of the timber trade:

- The "European Softwood Conference" which gathers 18 countries, importers and exporters of coniferous sawn timber.

- The "European Hardwood Federation" (UCBD). Is the main organization for importers of both temperate and tropical hardwoods in Europe.

AEIM also collaborates closely with the main organizations of timber exporters to promote the use of timber in our country:

- AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council): Association of hardwood exporters in United States .

- AMERICAN SOFTWOODS: which gathers the main U.S.A softwood exporters.

- THE NORDIC TIMBER COUNCIL: Organization of sawmills from Sweden, Finland and Norway.


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